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I know a conspiracy when I see one.

These two idiotic votes are all about changing the system. That's is the only logical reason for any person with knowledge of the sport to vote the Sooners No. 1 in the country.

And don't even get me started on the clown that voted Florida No. 1. Yeah, Florida, which lost at home to Mississippi, a team unbeaten and top ranked Alabam beat on the road (correction: the game was played at Alabama).

These joker must figure the worse they made the system look, the more likely their will be a change.

Now, onto the rest of those jokers who voted Oklahoma ahead of Texas.

Nice try with the three way tie debate. Yeah, keep throwing Texas Tech into the discussion. It only makes you look more ridiculous.

After you get rolled by 44 points, you are no longer in the discussion. And as much as I love my Bears, if you need to score the last 21 points at home to beat Baylor by seven "Buy Cheap Jintropin Online" points, you are out of the discussion.

Hey, I might have been the first person in the country to give Tech its props as a national title contender.

They lost that status when they went into halftime trailing Oklahoma 42 7.

Period. End of that part of the discussion.

Now, onto my lengthy dissertation on why Texas deserves to be ranked ahead of Oklahoma.

On October 12, all Texas had to do was win (with or without style all they needed were wins) six games against teams it was better than. Great "Anabola Steroider Norge Lagligt" comeback or not, the fact remains that they lost because they had a subpar first half against Texas Tech.

On October 12, OU had to win six games in a fashion that would overcome a "Oxandrolone Powder India" neutral field loss (a pretty big hurdle). They pulled it off and get to play another week.

Unfortunately, "Achat Anabolisant Belgique" that the system and it stinks. You should use your pulpit to campaign for a playoff. Or maybe hammer on the Harris/USA Today/AP voters who apparently don pay attention to their votes. I can believe (and bet that most reasonable folds don believe) that a Texas win over A was impressive enough and OU win over OSU was unimpressive enough to warrant switching positions. The only explanation is that voters didn pay attention the previous week(s). Whether the poll determines the Big 12 South champion or the BCS matchup, it is shameful that voters don Equipoise Racehorse pay attention until the result means something.

What do you bet that if the Sooners beat Missouri, they over Texas again. A road win over the 12 team does not impress but a neutral site win over 20 does. What a joke. It time for a playoff.

since i doubt your clout will get a national system like the BCS changed anytime soon, why not concentrate more locally and advocate for a realignment of the big 12 north and south divisions where UT and OU are in different divisions and would most likely be playing for the big 12 championship at the end of most seasons.

idea of Texas and Oklahoma not playing every season is downright blasphemous. Plus, these things kind of go in cycles; we just in an extended 12 South is dominant cycle. Who would have thunk that Nebraska would not be any good?

Looking at the coaches poll, it obvious that you are correct about certain coaches wanting to do anything to ensure that OU passed UT and doing so by scam voting (OU gets 2 1 votes). But I don think it the final regular season vote, but the vote after the season is finished (I double check that). By then we won know who the scoundrels are.

You make no sense. You claim because OU destroyed TTU by 44 that they discredited them? I didn hear any of you crying that when they beat UT OU is penalized by the fact that they destroyed a team that beat UT? So everyone said they needed to go in and destroy OSU. For what reason? if they did that then they discredited them also even though UT only beat them by 4. You guys keep forgetting that if OU had lost Sat that TTU would be in the championship game, not UT STOP this friken BS of discrediting them out of the argument. You can claim the system is broke (tie breakers, BCS) and then use Techs lower ranking againts them. They BEAT repeat that UT just like UT beat OU. You deciding that end of discussion on techs legitimate gripes is just as ludicrous as you claim OU jumping UT is situation was caused by the greedy presidents and Big 12 members who agreed to the tiebreaker. point differential against similar opponents, etc).

Seriously, your better than that Solomon.

Confessions of a Pissed Off Longhorn

Next week vote is the one that is revealed. It should have never gotten to the point where the BCS breaks the tie. Every other conference that has multiple divisions has its own legitimate Primobolan Xbs tiebreaker 4-chlorodehydromethyltestosterone except for the Big XII. I guess when they got to the fifth one they ran out of ideas and stuck the BCS with the problem. Ironic how the Big XII was blasted from outsiders all year long for not playing defense and the only team to have shown any signs of a real defense was left out. Also OU points that the Ryan Reynolds injury helped Texas win and that a rematch today would favor them, well Texas has an extremely young secondary that getting better by every game so thats a wash. Oral Steroids Vitiligo So much for beating a team on a neutral field

And this is why the NFL is better. seriously. Did you not see this coming UT fans? You knew someone was getting screwed, and OU was obviously the team.

It stupid how college football runs things. There is no doubt who the champion is at the end of the NFL season. Isn that supposed to be the most important thing?

Oh, and what about the Utah Utes? 12 0! One less loss than UT or OU. Where is the underdog story in college football? They will get a BCS game but no shot at the national title. If every team doesn have the same chance to win a national championship that seems a completely unfair. Stupid.

So UT fans, don give me that crap about how College football is better than the NFL. Like it or not talk to me February 2nd and I will tell you, without a doubt, who the champion is.